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Brilliant work!

Hi Robert,
just wanted to say well done on a fantastic collection of images. Plenty of inspiration here to get out into the Irish countryside and soak up all the beauty around us!
Keep them coming!
Richard Creagh
Richard Creagh

your photography

hi robert i love your photos iv been to the west coast and a quick trio to donygaul but never around the kerry area, i must come again.

Want to leave message, dont know why

Hey Robert, nice that you included Woodlawn and love Trim and Kyle pictures. Much more to Woodlawn inside in terms of structure. For some reason i need to paint and scetch woodlawn, its a hidden gem, they've begun restoring it now, such a shame it was forgotten.

Kilconnell Abbey

Hi, I love your photo of Kilconnell Abbey. Being a "Kelly" I guess it kind of means more to me than just an outrageous photograph. I am so disappointed that when I went to Ireland on my honeymoon 8 years ago next month that I did not know enough about my family heritage until I came back from that trip and started getting interested in it. I would love to have a large print of this made to hang in my home next to my coat of arms shield I bought from Ireland. How much would you charge me for a copy of a high resolution image of this or the electronic file (which I would prefer if possible). You truly are a talented photographer and I am so glad I stumbled across your photo.
Joseph Kelly

Your photographs

All superlatives: beautiful, atmospheric, reflective, thank you for marvellous tour. Am just back from Burren - one of my favourite places. Such beauty to be experienced in our country. Thank you so much.
Eileen O'Brien

brill photos

hi robbie, all the photos great,some lovely treasures
tina ward kelly


Super photographs !!!

Rafal and Magdalena
Rafal and Magdalena

Twelve Bens.

Really enjoyed going through your photographs, some really outstanding images. The one of the Twelve Bens...that's a sky to kill for.
Sean Tomkins

well done!

Hi Robert,
I enjoyed your photographs very much indeed.
nuala murray

Re: Slide show


I really enjoyed viewing your AWESOME slide show of Ireland. I found this link, just by chance as I was doing research on Woodlawn House.

Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of Ireland and bringing pleasure to all of us, who had to emigrate from our homeland to the U.S. Because of you, we can appreciate our country and take pride in its beauty.

Nice work Rob!
Eileen Beck

kiltrogue castle

Hi Robert i,m looking for a copy of kiltrogue castle .my neice aisling mcGrath gave me your name my address is Quarryland Dunboyne co Meath please let me know if you have it and how to aquire it . Ann
ann nestor


Well done with the photos, they just seem to get better if that is possible. Your latest photos taken of Canal House Learners doing their part for the Tidy Towns Litter Picking at the Harbour are great, dont think you have them published on this site yet. Keep up the good work - Phil Warde, Derrymullen.
Phil Warde


Hi Robert, Just need to know how I go about buying one of your photos as we are going to Denmark shortly and want to bring one as a gift.
Tosh Ryan

Nice work, back at you

You do beautiful work as well. Aren't we a cleverr family?
Emily Riddell

Your website

A friend who was looking for my photo website stumbled over yours and let me know about it. You have some oustanding images on your site!
I am a semi-prof photographer shooting mostly youth sports in New Jersey, USA,and I also shoot with Nikon equipment. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence and wanted to drop you note after having a look at your excellent work.

Robert (Bob) Riddell
Robert Riddell

Possible reference use for a painting?

Wonderful photographs I've only seen Ireland in the rain,so this is what it really looks like!
Tom Branton


Well done Robbie on your achievements.. Very impressive website...
Lisa Kinsella


Congrats on your achievement Maith an fear, have to say though my favored one is the Headstones on Corofin. Travelling around the city I come across Celtic crosses in some of the older parts of Auckland while I am working and have gone back on my time off to see where Irish people who helped build this country are laid to rest, many are from 1840's no doubt fleeing the famine, its strange, USA Oz always get mentioned when associated with the famine but not here. anyway Slán.
Jason Devlin


I love your pictures and would love to purchase one of them. I am from Ballinalsoe but live in Boston. Do you sell your pictures?
Denise Johnson


Robbie..your photos are absolutely Fab.. when viewing them you get a feeling of being there for that of luck..great stuff..
Lorraine Coyne

Irish Met Society comt.

Robert, Congrats on winning the Irish Met competition. A wonderful capture of the Macgillycudys.
Sean Tomkins

Irish Met Society

Congratulations from all the Met Society commitee - well done, truly deserved winner. Just looking at your gallery really makes me want to get into photography!
Emily Gleeson

On view

Congrats Robbie, best of luck with the website. It's fantastic
Joan Madden

Good Luck

Best of luck Rob with new website, it is looking fab.
Martina Flanagan

Well Done

Hey Rob, Love your new website,
Phil Lucas Warde.......


Hi Robbie,
Congratulations on the launch of your website well done
Mary Burns


Your new website is so easy to navigate.Hope it goes well for you.Love the old bouy!!